Extracurriculars to build my government/politics spike?

Hello! I’m an NYC high school junior and was wondering if you all could offer some advice on extracurriculars to join/start in order to build on my government/politics spike.

For a reference, here’s a concise list of what I have going for me as of right now:

Model UN, all four years (vice president right now, very likely I will be president next year) there’s about 200 members. I have won various awards including some international ones.

Student Government, Student Assembly, and Student Leadership for all 4 years (I am the press secretary for my student government and will be running for class president senior year.)

Animal Rights Club (President and Founder)
Have led a lot of school wide initiatives and a city wide protest is in the works for May, expecting around 200+ people

Animal Rights Coalition Non Profit
Nationwide coalition of animal rights club, offering resources, a curriculum, and coalition wide campaigns, website will be out next week and we already have some clubs signed up!

Congressional Campaign Research Intern and Phonebanker (60 hours)

City Council Campaign Intern

Marketing and Communications Intern at a multi-million dollar company (doesn’t really fit the spike i know, but i am interested in corporate law so maybe i can incorporate it?)

Best Friends Animal Shelter Action Leader and volunteer

IDAUSA volunteer

Interning at DA’s office (this summer)

Thank you in advance for your help!

wow what a list! i dont think you really need more, you have the in school and out of school politics experience. my friend got into northeastern for poli sci/human services and only had model un and 6 hours of campaign experience in terms of politics related extra curriculars. she has really good grades, good recs, and other extra curriculars, so id say focus on the other aspect of your application since you have a lot already


You don’t need more - there is no prize, nor is there an advantage, in having 100 ECs each with minimal investment, especially adding a bunch in your Junior year. If you feel that you have extra time on your hands, put more hours into these ones, and expand your activities in them.

You are doing well, don’t stress out that you need to do more.