<p>I'm a junior in a high school with about 150 students per grade, which is relatively small. I'm planning on majoring in some sort of business field in college with my first choice being Wharton at UPenn. I attended a college information session for Penn at my school and the rep stressed how important ec's in high school are, especially ones that show leadership and relate to what you want to study in college. Due to the size of my school, there are not many clubs to choose from. We have 0 business related clubs. I've been in the Model UN for the past two years and the science olympiads for the past two years. By my senior year I will have 3 years of participation in these clubs but I will probably not be president/VP or any other high position in these clubs next year. I also am the captain of the tennis team (as a junior) and will most likely be a captain again next year. My question is, are these ec's good enough to get me into competitive schools like upenn? Also, I have the ability to play high level DIII or low level DI tennis, but I will not because I value academics above athletics. Will my tennis, outside of school, factor in when I apply as an ec?</p>


<p>If you aren't going to play in college, then it's seen as nothing more than another EC. However, I strongly urge you to look into being recruited... It'll help you at a school like UPenn, especially if you were recruited AND ED'd...(:</p>

<p>I'm not good enough to play at Penn. Penn, like the other ivys, has a great tennis team because there are plenty of smart tennis players who are able to turn down a scholarship and go to an ivy. I've been playing 12+ hours a week for the past 4 years, so to me its more than just an EC. I guess it's too bad that it will go on the same list as things like tech club and MUN which I honestly couldn't care less about.</p>

<p>This is kind of late...but you could always start a club couldn't you? I know this one senior who currently goes to Penn that went to my school who started a club which informed kids on how stocks work. It was really interesting and informative. I plan on doing the same. Just be in 4-5 significant clubs w/ a leadershp position and I am sure you will be fine. Good luck!</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply rfav...</p>

<p>but, everyone else, IGNORE THIS THREAD.</p>