<p>Hi, i just finished my second year of college. I wondered if I am on track..
My advisor told me that my ECs are not good enough, but I definitely think that Im doing okay at this stage.</p>

<p>So far Ive done
VSA vietnam student association (academic coordinator)
Pharmacy technician 2 1/2 years
Anybodys - dance crew (leader)
Free tutor at shelter 5 months</p>

<p>sGPA - 3.76
cGPA - 3.72
major - biology
I didnt take mcat yet</p>

<p>Should I do more ECs??</p>

<p>What you advisor meant was that you are short on medically related ECs.....like shadowing Doctors, volunteering in an ER etc.</p>

<p>Listen to your advisor. He know much better, than us here on CC IMO you do not have enough. You are missing (unless you did not list them) clinical volunteering, shadowing, Med. Research lab. However, please, listen to your advisor, he knows what he is talking about, it is his job to place as many kids to Med. School as possible.</p>

<p>Not doing research is ok (assuming you don't want to), but people are def right about both listening to your adviser and getting some clinical exposure. How many hours/week are these things that you've listed?</p>