Extremely homesick in the second semester?

I returned to school for my second semester of freshman year about a month ago. I live about an hour from my school, and became very close to my parents over winter break. I was so excited in the fall to move in that I wasn’t sad, and every time my parents came to campus, I would be ready to get back to my friends almost immediately. I was dreading the return to school after winter break, however, and become extremely upset when they leave from their visits. I have lots of friends at school and love the school itself, so what is my issue?

You miss your old life even though you are excited about your new one. It is not unusual. You are ambivalent. Embracing the college life fully is saying goodbye to your high school self. That might be difficult if you had a positive childhood. Since you love the college and have lots of friends, I am guessing this will subside-especially when you get a better sense of how your college-self still fits in at home and in your family. There is a big shift n those roles as you move towards adulthood. Bet your parents are missing you too. It’s a bit scary for everyone but once you see you still fit and once your parents come to terms with the new adult daughter that they have who is still an important part of the family, everyone will adjust.

Keep at doing well at school and participating. You returned home to cozy and comfy after successfully getting through the stress of the initial send off which was loaded with anticipation, and excitement as well as any anxiety. However, now that you have returned to school, you know what you are in for academically and emotionally, the shiny new aspect is kind of worn off. What you are feeling is entirely normal, and will likely pass and you will get back to your “new normal.” Separating from your family and becoming an adult is a gradual process and sometimes you might take some steps forward then some back, it’s okay. If you don’t start feeling better, talk to your parents about it, and also go visit your campus counseling center where they deal with this situation all the time.