EXTREMELY long essay

<p>Hey, for my common application essay I wrote a very emotional, detailed account of a significant event in my life. It ends up at around 2500 words or 4 pages singled space. From what I gather there isn't a maximum set on the number of words for the personal essay. Can anyone tell me if they have wrote something of similar length? Or is taboo to do so? Thanks in advanced.</p>

<p>Oh dear.</p>

<p>Cut it down to sub-1000 words. Even shorter if possible.</p>

<p>Do I have to? That would be impossible I'd have to choose a totally different topic.</p>

<p>Wow!Its extremely long.I dont know.An essay with too much words maybe will be tired for those who will read it. U have to be careful with that.</p>

<p>Good luck:)</p>

<p>Ad-Coms do NOT want to read an essay that is 4 pages.</p>

<p>That's what I'm worried about. But with its length comes a very amazing story. Would that still not be enough to justify its length?</p>

<p>I don't want to sound cocky when talking about my essay and I don't want to get into detail about it for fear of giving myself away. But it's a very unique experience that I feel will be one of the hooks of my application and I've trimmed it down to the best of my ability.</p>

<p>Have a friend/teacher edit it. Undoubtedly, they will find redundancies and help you make it more concise. You need to make it less than 1000. There's no way around that fact.</p>

<p>Wow, that's a tough reality but thanks everyone for the feedback!</p>

<p>I am sure that ur story is extremely interesting but it would be very pitty to make someone bored only from its length:(Ask for a teacher to tell u how to make it shorten</p>

<p>Good luck:)</p>

<p>WAY TOO LONG. I'd definitely cut it down about 1500 words!</p>

<p>Definitely way too long. Leave your essay be for a few days, and come back to it with a fresh set of eyes. You might find things you won't see now. </p>

<p>And of course, get people you are comfortable with to read your essay. Preferably a teacher who will be ruthless.</p>

<p>Your writing probably contains a lot of "fluff". As many had said before me 2500 words is way too long. I would go back and revise to see what you could cut out. The writing needs to be tight and concise with only the major/important facts. 500-700 words would be the optimal word count. Once you start hovering over that then you'll most likely get a "yawn" when the Adcom reads your essay.</p>

<p>Is an adcom who must read thousands of essays likely to read your 2500 word juggernaut in its entirety? Or more likely to read your intro and skim the rest?</p>

<p>Keep it short and make every word count. 500-700 sounds reasonable.</p>

<p>If you'd like, I can read it and give you some advice as to what I would remove. It helps if someone reads it so that they can help you in regards to "Will it bore an AdCom?"</p>