EXTREMELY useful tips for the ESSAY on Saturday. Please add to list. (makes it easy)


<p>***Confucius - Does anyone really know about his Analects. If they do, they probably didn't read them. Here's where you can make your own examples. Just write... "The ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius once wrote in his book of Analects that ____________ is like a butterfly/storm/war/GET IT?!. Make your own epic simile^^ ['_']</p>


<p>***_______________ << ENTER loooonggg NAME OF UNCOMMON PRESIDENT/figure OF FOREIGN COUNTRY HERE. </p>

<p>^^Write about this person. Write about an event that didn't happen... Say this.... Before so and so got elected as President of so and so, he/she did/made/fought _________.</p>


<p>Who would ever guess you were lying? Besides, you only get graded for how well you wrote it, not what you wrote about. You might as well make it something easy to write about by making it your own.</p>


<p>Reminds me of a test where a students needs to write an essay. He's prepared only to write about cows. The test tragically asks for an essay on aeroplanes. You know the rest :) See the joke [url=<a href="http://www.google.com/webhp?hl=en#sclient=psy&hl=en&site=webhp&source=hp&q=cow+essay&aq=f&aqi=g5g-m1&aql=&oq=&rlz=1R2GGLS_enIN404&fp=b3a7df525ec62fe7%5Dhere%5B/url"&gt;http://www.google.com/webhp?hl=en#sclient=psy&hl=en&site=webhp&source=hp&q=cow+essay&aq=f&aqi=g5g-m1&aql=&oq=&rlz=1R2GGLS_enIN404&fp=b3a7df525ec62fe7]here[/url&lt;/a&gt;].&lt;/p>

It seems like everybody has a different opinion about how to do well on the SAT essay. Some people say you should write a strict five-paragraph essay, with an introduction, a conclusion, and three specific examples. Some people say you should read well-known books like The Great Gatsby or The Scarlet Letter and refer to them as often as you can. Some people say that the real key is to write as much as humanly possible. Some say you should do all of these at once!</p>

<p>We want students to know that there are no shortcuts to success on the SAT essay. The high school and college teachers who will score your essay have seen it all before. These teachers are not going to give high scores to an essay just because it is long, or has five paragraphs, or uses literary examples. The scorers are experts at identifying truly good writing--essays that insightfully develop a point of view with appropriate reasons and examples and use language skillfully.


~College Board Website</p>

<p>lol BS. they read the essay in 2 min. there are many tricks to ensure perfect essay score. Write a lot, use big words, and don't make any grammatical errors.</p>

<p>I agree. There's a reason why college board posts stuff like that... so you can actually think that your essay means something to the readers</p>

<p>I never have time to write a 5 paragraph essay so I only use 2 examples. FML</p>

<p>I used 2 examples on the Jan SAT... I filled both pages and had 4 paragraphs. It was the easiest section as usual.</p>


<p>no where in that quote says lying or making something up was not allowed.</p>

<p>a personal experience can never be confirmed and is always true in the eyes of the grader.</p>