Extremely Worried I won't get accepted!!! Chance me

hey guys, I’m hoping you guys could chance me for UMass Amherst - I’m really concerned I won’t get in or won’t get into my major ( Computer Science )! I’m Currently in a Gap Year.
Race: Hispanic
Application: RD
English was my Second Language ( Fluent in Portuguese ) - Also proficient in Spanish
First one in my family to ever be going to college
New Hampshire Resident
3 AP Classes ( AP Language & Comp, AP European History, AP Biology ), been taking all honors since freshman year.
2 Year program for Biotechnology
SAT - 1620 ( 1100 CR+M)
ACT - 24 ( M: 26 Sci: 25 R:20 E:23 )

  • I’m a horrible test taker -
    GPA: 3.63UW - 4.42W
    Class Rank : 89/403
    Essay: Strong - Not fantastic in my opinion but everyone that read it said it was excellent.
    Letter of Recommendations: Very Strong

Not Much here…
President of Biotechnology Club
Member of the Drama Club
Member of Youth group at my Church
Job: Shift Leader at Dunkin Donuts ( 25hrs+ a week! )
( Right now, I am in Brazil taking a college Portuguese course and than I will be teaching english to the students at a local high school from March - August. I didn’t put this on the application because I was unsure If I was going to do it at the time. Should I send them an email about it? )

Family Income <40,000
My Family is planning on moving to Massachusetts this year, so financial aid might change.
I was also experience a lot through high school and even at one pointed ended up homeless - I’ve mentioned this.

Woa! I accidentally read that you GPA was 3.63 weighted and I was scared there for a second! (Since Umass’s average weighted GPA this year is a ~3.8, or so, CS would then be a moon shot) Later once I read it correctly, your actual GPA is quite solid. Additionally, since you said that you have great essays, this keeps you in the picking, but barely. The big problem here is that the average (M+R) SAT for CS is a 1355, which is 255 points above your average. (UMass’s overall is a 1220 last year) This being said UMass loves GPA so I am almost certain you will get in, at least undecided. Lastly, I would still give you a small chance at CS, but I would try looking at the possibility of transferring to CS later once you get to UMass.

PS- Here’s their site/stats- https://www.cs.umass.edu/degrees

@greenman57 thank you so much greenman57. Im terrified I won’t get accepted at all. I fell in love with Umass amherst and I really hope I get into the class of 2019! Do you have any idea if they email you once you get accepted? I’m in Brazil right now and won’t be home when the letter comes ( my mother will though ).

@RickyP - Like I said, I think you will be accepted, in fact I am almost confident that you will! Since you have such a strong GPA, as well as a good amount of EC’s, I wouldn’t worry. (Umass prefers GPA>SAT) Lastly, since you asked, they should give you what is called a “SPIRE ID” which lets you log into their site and check you application status. (I would ask them what your login info is)

PS- My Grandfather was from Brazil :smile:

@Greenman57 I’ll try to calm down about it lol! Brazil is a great place! I hope you get to visit sometime, especially if you need to get away from that frozen tundra (if ur in new england lol)!

My daughter and niece (both horrible test takers as well) got into Eisenberg already with strong GPA and extracurriculars. I think you have a strong chance. We found out from checking Spire, and then got the formal accepance via snail mail several days later.

Thanks! I hope to visit sometime!