F in O Chem

<p>What should I think for getting an F in O chem 1st semester? My school doesnt incorporate it into the gpa but medical schools will see it. Is it over?</p>

<p>very well may be</p>

<p>Can you get a W?</p>

<p>I agree that getting a W would probably best if you can still do that at this point. If not, I'd retake the class. Even though your original F will still be visible, your new (hopefully) better grade will also show. This may be something you wish to explain in your application, not by making excuses, but by explaining your mistakes and what you have learned.</p>

<p>Since he said 1st semester, I assume the class is already over and the F has been recorded. Is it over? Well no. Is this a substantial roadblock? Yes.</p>

<p>I just took the final today. Only think I can do know is to retake and hopefully get an A. This F will be replaced by the new grade GPA wise, but it will still show. Assuming I get A's in most of other classes, do I still have a chance at medical schools?</p>

<p>will it be replaced permanently (absolutely NO trace that you retook the class, no notations, NOTHING). if so, then you are one lucky man/woman. anywhichway you're gonna have to retake it. id say, if ur still a freshman, then ur not dead yet. but if ur a junior, it looks pretty bad.</p>

<p>just out of curiousity where do you attend college and what happened with o chem?</p>