F on transcript. How much will this hinder my chances?

I’m going to apply to UC/CSU’s this fall from a ccc and i’m at a 2.7 gpa at the moment. I have 2 W’s and a D and an F (both in calculus) I’m retaking calculus at the moment (summer semester) for the third time (sad, I know but i had and still have some personal issues that play significant roles in my failures) and will most likely have to drop with a W as well. Now i’ve already changed my major (biology to psychology) but i do intend on retaking calculus one more time before i transfer, most likely in the spring semester of 2016. Do you think having taken a class 4 times will hinder my chances of being accepted? Any additional advice would be appreciated

You were probably wise to change majors but it will definitely be taken into account that you have that many D’s and F’s on your transcript, especially in the same class. I’m not saying it will completely rule you out but with your overall GPA and depending on your current grade trend, you may have a tough time IMO. I would contact the admissions office and ask about submitting an essay regarding your issues, that you plan on retaking the class (again) and other pertinent info that may help increase your chances.

UCs doesn’t accept anyone that has a D or F