F or GPA?

<p>I have 10 F's and I also made up all the classes. So when I apply to a Cal-state University will my GPA matter or will my prior F's matter more? Will I not be considered because of my failed classes even though my GPA is up to Par? How many Failed classes is one student allowed to have on their transcript?</p>

<p>The better question would probably be why you failed the classes.</p>

<p>oh will I be asked? I'm a single mother and things come up. HOw many F's are we allowed to have on our transcript and units are we allowed to have? :)</p>

<p>You might be asked. From an outside standpoint, that would stand out to me. But what is even more attracting is that you made them up. That's very good. Good luck in whatever you do :)</p>

<p>hahaha, my question wasn't answered :( </p>

<p>If anyone knows please let me know :)</p>

<p>I dont think are a specific number of "allowed" Fs. And while GPA is important, the Fs will also stand out. What I think will stand out just as much is that you raised your GPA back up and that you did so as a single mother.</p>