FA for Andover?$$$$!

<p>I was looking at exeter's website and their converter said I'd get about $19,967 towards a $40,000 school. Would this be the same for andover? I obviously can't afford $20,000x4= a whopping $80,000. Thats like a year of college! geez. Anyways I found out andover doesn't do loans like exeter does so I know my parents could get a loan but I don't want to put them through that hardship of paying that much off. Were a middle class family that makes $200,000-$300,000 a year. We're very lucky, I know. But theres still not $20,000 left over any year. So how did you manage to get that money? Did you take a loan out ( not student) or is andover a little bit better with their FA money given out? Thanks. No bragging intended, just don't want to spend $300 applying to find out we can't afford it. :/</p>

<p>With that income, why would they give you financial aid?</p>

<p>That is quite a large income, my parents combined income is around $120 and we got only a few thousand dollars more than the $19,967 you'd proabably get. It was not Andover or Exeter though. </p>

<p>Andover and Exeter have very similar financial endowments so I would assume that you'd recieve a similar number. Check this list: Boarding</a> Schools with the Highest Endowment Per Student - Boarding School Review for schools with the top endowments per student. </p>

<p>If you're looking for financial aid, Andover and Exeter have a lot to offer. If you can get accepted and the school really wants you they'll make sure you can go there. I would recommend if you got accepted but not enough financial aid, to have your parents write a letter explaining your financial situation and send it to the school. They will take into account siblings, jobs, ect... when determining the financial aid ammount. </p>

<p>Don't limit yourself to the top schools simply because you think you can't afford anything else. I did that and I found myself applying again to comletely different schools the next year.</p>

<p>@almostbroke- mhm I wonder considering we have numerous bills, 4 people, 1 dog who requires surgery almost twice a year, a house thats still being paid off and less thatn $10,000 in our savings account. As in I CAN'T AFFORD IT! And I've read people who were richer than us got more than that so It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. And my dads a lawyer which means he can get income checks so low we can't pay the bills then so high its ridiculous the next month. Its by no means easy.</p>

<p>@samantha I wasn't limiting myself to the top, I love those schools, they feel like two diffrerent homes!:) I'll keep in mind the talking to the school.</p>

<p>I have to answer this thread as I find it a little uninformed. Financial aid is awarded through a system (albeit an imperfect one) where parents must document their income, assets, tax info, etc and this is all analyzed by the School and Student Service for FA. They indicate a number that your family can afford to pay for bs, and the school(s) which accept you utilize that number. Some may give a little more, some a little less given the cost of living where your family resides and the cost of their school. But it is fairly indicative.</p>

<p>Families making more than several hundred thousand dollars a year rarely qualify for aid. Certainly some do, but in most instances these families would have very few assets, usually be supporting multiple children (dogs don't count) and sometimes supporting grandparents or have other family issues (such as medical ones). </p>

<p>So, Alo, please don't think that just because the Exeter calculator says you might qualify that you will. Everyone has "numerous bills." Everyone! But not everyone has a father who is a lawyer who makes $200-$300,000 per year, even if his cash flow is not always predictable. Most people have a mortgage on their house, and the value of the house is part of the FA equation. As will be your 1-2 vacations per year and any other real estate, assets, cars, college savings accounts and the $10,000 in savings your parents may have. </p>

<p>Don't like a school just because they have a big endowment and you think they might give you FA. Your case thus far is fairly dubious to be very blunt. Parents are expected to use all of their available resources to pay for school and getting FA is not a right for anyone but a huge privilege. Perhaps your parents are saying they cannot afford it, but on an income that large it is hard to know why not. </p>

<p>Many parents here can attest to how they scrimp and save to pay either the full amount of tuition or even just their share less any FA received. </p>

<p>When you here Andover is need blind please make sure that you understand you have to be accepted and then you have to qualify for FA. They just don't hand over money because you think you might need it. You don't get to determine if you need it, the SSS does.</p>

<p>@crar -I've emailed exeter and they wrote back saying I would most likey qualify so i doubt i'm uninformed. I understand dogs don't count I was just giving an example that about 2,000 dollars is spent on her a year. Obviously I'm not an idiot about the numberous bills. We're paying off the house, two cars, dogs surgery, medical care, braces ($10,000), cable, internet, water, electricity etc etc etc. I don't appreciate you saying "Everyone! But not everyone has a father who is a lawyer who makes $200-$300,000 per year, even if his cash flow is not always predictable." Considering we have to take money out of savings at least 6/12 months to pay the bills Its not called for for you to be so rude. I know I'm lucky but that doesn't mean I can afford $160,000 for a high school education. Thats ludicrous. I know obviously that just because they've got a large endowment that doesn't mean FA but it does mean their more likely to give out FA to MORE people. How the heck to do think I think Its a right!? I NEVER SAID THAT.</p>

<p>[edited for violation of TOS]My parents scrape by it as is and my parents can't even scrape by with $40,000 gone. I know its need blind and I understand I have to be accepted to qualify. I never said I think I need it, I do. Theres no way I can pay for it [edited for courtesy violation].</p>

<p>Woah. You need to chill out. Crar was not out of line- you are.</p>

<p>^ agreed. chillax.</p>

<p>i get by on like, a FIFTH of what your family lives on. guess what? <em>everyone</em> has to pay their bills, whether it be electricity, cable, internet, water... a dog is not a necessity, and in most cases, neither are braces. we get by on far, far less than you, and we live in an urban area with an outrageous cost of living, so by no means am i a country hick. i don't go on vacation, i don't have a dog... people have to make sacrifices. when you're talking about not having enough money because of donating to charities, having a dog, it makes people in real need feel pretty lousy...</p>

<p>not to sound snipy, but come on. sometimes it's hard for us, and others, to pay our rent, and you're talking about a DOG?</p>

<p>how am i out of line? she tells me basically she thinks that I'm a spoiled brat who thinks she gets everything she wants. Shes rude and mean and not even helpful!</p>

<p>crar24 never said that. she said that it was the SSS who decided, not andover, or you. how is that telling you that you're "a spoiled brat who gets everything you want"? she/he never even said anything along the lines of that, so...</p>

<p>@divealive- no, don't tell me to chill. A dog and braces aren't a necessity but considering we aren't going to give our dog up or get our bracees off for finance reasons theres no point in you pointing that out. I said earlier i UNDERSTAND i am lucky. I am explaining that we have troubles too and can't afford this school. We donate to Haiti and my dad's alumni- thats it. we can't afford anymore. *** are you lecturing me on my dog. I'm saying we've had alot of unexpencted expenses and with the way the economy is we can't afford this school. "sometimes its hard for us" well wasn't it your point its hard for everyone? INCLUDING US. So not to sund snipy, but come on. Your being a hypocrite.</p>

<p>"we aren't going to give our dog up or get our bracees off for finance reasons"
what part of sacrificing do you not understand? people have to make sacrifices, people have to scrounge.
if you can't afford the school, apply for FA. if you need it, they'll give it to you. it's not up to you or your parents to determine that, so why bother getting all riled up over the internet? </p>

<p>oh, and.. it's you're, not your. there's a difference.</p>

<p>You need to be nice to be accepted at Andover (no joke). And be aware that some adcoms lurk on these boards. The perceived tone of your responses would not sit well with me if I were an adcom.</p>

<p>jaharrison, who are you addressing ?</p>

<p>The original poster. 'Sorry for not making that clear.</p>

<p>@ DiveAlive- come on have common sense. She was mean and rude and kept going on about how not everyone is as lucky as i am and I don't get FA just cause I want it. Who the heck cares about a 're on the internet? It's typing fast obviously. Why would I give up my dog to go to a school? thats appearently what heartless people like you do. & I can't give up braces considering if I had them removed today I'd still have to pay the same amount.
@jaharrison- they don't know my name or town. So I doubt they'll know..</p>

<p>@casar-I will admit I'm sorry for the B word. Its just you aren't helping your judging and thats not the point of this.</p>

<p>so now i'm heartless for sacrificing a dog to be able to go to boarding school and get a far superior education? </p>

<p>you're kidding, right?</p>

<p>Alo1313- I am not trying to be rude, but you are coming across as a bit obnoxious. And yes, you've already given enough information to make it fairly easy to determine who you are to any adcom who might have your file in hand. It wouldn't be that hard to match up your birthday, your father's profession, your state, etc. These posts don't automatically go away.</p>

<p>The schools that you are most interested in have done this admissions thing for a long, long time. They know what they are looking for. They can tell who's being genuine and who's putting on a show, who will add to the community and who might cause problems. If you are serious about applying to these schools, I encourage you to slow down, be kind, use correct spelling, and remember that all sorts of people read and post on this forum.</p>