FA not disbursed?

<p>So apparently Cornell is going to disburse FA on Aug. 16th (which I found out just yesterday). However, the Fall 10 bill is due on the 7th...So I'm confused as to the amount I should pay on Netpay, which charges interest on overdue balances. Is this always the case or has this happened to anyone else before? (I'm a rising sophomore.)</p>

<p>The leftover money is probably student contribution. I think it might be a possible hold.</p>

<p>You're fine as long as the account shows you have pending credits (ie. your undisbursed financial aid).</p>

<p>This happened to me every year I was at Cornell and I never had to pay an interest charge b/c of FA money not disbursed by the bill due date. My was usually something like $31,000 (total charges) - $31,000 (pending credits) = 0 due</p>

<p>The amount listed on NetPay is what you have to pay today. It is your bill AFTER financial aid. Don't pay attention to the amount on Student Center.</p>