FA + Rolling Admissions— When to apply?

By May/June, is FA completely distributed already? Does rolling admissions even stretch that late?

Daughter had unique scenario and cannot attend local PS for 9th, which we depended on. We have nothing for BS process. No testing (which means no prep!) and nothing through platforms. Seems like we could only have an application done by Late April/May. Nothing wrong with her public school, but she just seems bored and ready for a change.

Is this even worth it to do so late? Should we just wait until next cycle?

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Generally, it is hard to get FA later in the cycle. This tends to be a constrained resource, and AOs often run out of money before they run out of good candidates, and while they may be able to find a bed for a late FP applicant, it is much harder to find a bed and $. Starting the process so late AND needing FA will be a headwind, so if you do get an offer, you will probably be doingso at the expense of choice. Ideally, you would wait until next year - it will be a very different experience with more opportunity to make a really good fit.

But with that said, if your first priority is simply to make a change and you need some, but not full, FA, you may get lucky. Some schools don’t require tests, so you could get started on the process now. I would look at rolling admissions schools now to see while ones interest you and reach out asap to learn about their process and FA availability. This may leave you with a short list, and your D may have to hustle to pull together applications. If it doesn’t work out, it may provide some clarity for a more conventional process next year.

Really wishing you good luck.