Facebook/CC Integration!

Here’s another exciting new feature for CC members - you can post links to new threads you start automatically to your Facebook Wall, and/or receive daily notifications of replies to your CC thread subscriptions. Note that we are very concerned about privacy issues, and you will have to manually opt-in to this by clicking the “Connect with Facebook” button. And, at any time, you can adjust your preferences in your CC Control Panel (just click [My</a> Control Panel](<a href=“http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/usercp.php]My”>http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/usercp.php), then “Edit Options” and scroll down). More details from our dev team:

We know that daily notification of replies isn’t great for up to the minute monitoring of a thread you are interested in, but that limit is there to prevent loading up your notifications with a ton of alerts from CC. Our current “immediate” email notification can be used if there is a particular thread or two you want to watch closely.

We hope you find this useful and respectful of your privacy. Obviously, if your CC username is totally secret, i.e., not even your friends know, don’t sign up to post your new thread starts to your wall!

Enjoy, and feel free to offer suggestions for improvement. Thanks for your participation at CC!

As I would say on Facebook: “Like” :smiley:

Sooner or later their going to have College confidential license plates.

This seems like a slippery, and perhaps, dangerous slope.

Those who find a slope slippery and dangerous ought to avoid getting onto it. :slight_smile:

Seriously, we have tried to take privacy into account at every step so that no one need expose any info they don’t want to. Most significantly, one can’t track back from CC to a Facebook ID. Those able to view one’s Facebook wall could go in the other direction, hence the ability to opt out of posting thread starts to one’s wall.

On the plus side, posting those thread starts is likely to bring one’s friends into the discussion and improve the quality of response. We’ll see what kind of feedback we get as people use it.

yeah, while i love the way that you guys are adding new features (i.e. the iPhone app is brilliant), i could definitely see some potential consequences. by knowing someone’s CC account, they’ll know their GPA, test scores and grades from the chances threads, and where they’re applying to. this may not be a problem for some people, but i wouldn’t quickly sign up for the integration before thinking about it.

Well, since it seems I no longer get email notifications about new posts, I guess I’ll try the facebook angle and see if it works.

Yeah, I don’t get email notifications about new posts either. I don’t get them for PMs, though today out of the blue I did get one.

i think there is a reason for the “confidential” in the name college confidential…fb kinda just blows that all away lol…

“i think there is a reason for the “confidential” in the name college confidential…fb kinda just blows that all away lol…”

yep, basically.

We realize that many people still want to stay “confidential.” At the same time, I’m seeing much greater openness and willingness to be more transparent on the Web. We’re trying to accommodate both philosophies with this opt-in and controllable feature.

I actually dont want to publicize this website. I like the confidential/eliteist feel of this site lol

The quasi-merger between FB/CC is definitely a nice addition for those of us who are commonly on FB, but not necessarily on CC. Though, as aforementioned, the intent of the integration does remove our confidentiality, at least partially. I wouldn’t like for any of my FB “friends” to see how I’m progressing academically, superbly or not. And, showing that you’re a part of CC, on FB, would give off an aura of elitism, which really isn’t a good way to be perceived.

Don’t neglect to read and understand the ramifications of the above small print agreement if you choose to connect.

I connected to it yesterday, but now I agree with everyone else. I don’t want my friends knowing my GPA and other info. Any way to get disconnected from facebook? Thank you

I signed up but don’t get notifications on Facebook either! I’m like the Invisible Person.

Shouldn’t something show up on my FB page, that I’m a member of CC as a group, or “friends” or something?

This is weird. And it’s getting annoying to have to remember to check CC every day to see if threads have new posts. Which they almost always do, and I’m losing the “thread” of conversations… :frowning:

Sounds like a bad idea… Facebook, Twitter, all this stuff! It isn’t necessary unless you want to expose your whole private life! Many of us don’t …

I, for one, would never want my facebook friends to know that I use college confidential, or atleast to know who I am on CC.

To disconnect from FB, just go to My Control Panel (on the horizontal bar near the top of every CC page) and Edit Options.