facebook group

<p>Ok so when you search UCLA 2012 in facebook, you get two relevant groups...one that has a picture of a bear (bruin) and the other has a picture of some football players...can we please have one unified group? haha...</p>

<p>yeah for sure!</p>

<p>sp who is going to unify the group?</p>

<p>yes who is goign to take that challenge lol</p>

<p>i'll paypal 5 dollars to the person who manages this feat</p>

<p>it seems like the one with the bear is more affiliated with the school.....it actually has ppl who have/do attend ucla...
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<p>can we join even if we are not sure if we are going there for sure?</p>

<p>i joined! hahah an im not sure!</p>