Facebook Question

<p>Though this may not be the right place to post this, I'm sure someone here knows the answer to this. I been tagged in numerous photos on facebook; however, I do not want to display certain tagged photos under my "pictures", does fb have an option to only display the tagged photos on my wall?</p>

<p>you'll have to untag it if you're that ashamed</p>

<p>No, anyways that would be the dumbest option ever. If you dont want anyone to see a picture, why wouldn't you untag yourself</p>

<p>Pshh, now what sort of pictures would you want to hide from people?</p>

<p>You'd have to untag yourself. You can also set your photo privacy settings so that only you can view them, but that's pretty extreme. Won't stop people from viewing other people's albums with you in it though.</p>

<p>just untag yourself</p>

<p>Untag yourself or set tagged photos of you to "viewable only by you."</p>

<p>hope it helps.</p>