Facing Adversity in Place of Stellar SATs?

<p>Wellesley is my absolute dream school. I'm drawn by their amazing academic programs, beautiful campus, and especially their generous financial aid packages. However, I'm terrified of the thought that I may not get in. I'm taking my SAT's this June but my PSAT score was 1950. My GPA is 3.98 with 4 AP classes (Bio, Calc, Econ Micro, Econ Macro) this year and 5 next year (Gov, Stats, French, Physics, Lit). </p>

<p>**What I'm basically asking though, is does the admissions committee put adversity in the equation? **I don't want to pull the "card" here, but I come from a family with a single mother and four children from all different fathers (I being the oldest). I've been sexually molested many times in my life and I will be the first person in my family (including my relatives) to go to college. My mother didn't even finish 10th grade so I didn't have a lot of academic motivation or assistance.</p>

<p>I know I'm pretty inadequate compared to my peers in terms of SAT scores and AP classes, but I've worked as hard as I can to get to where I am today.</p>

<p>Don’t worry! Your SAT scores are definitely below average but the rest of your application looks great! Wellesley looks at the applicant as a whole, not just at grades. Your GPA is really good and 9 AP classes is a really good considering a lot of people get in with three or four. </p>

<p>Your story is also very inspiring and unique so I’m sure your essay will rock. Wellesley puts a lot of emphasis on the essay. You should also have decent extracurriculars. Also, don’t forget to show your passion for Wellesley in your application and you should be fine.</p>

<p>Nine APs is a lot of APs, and 650 (on average) isn’t awful or a deal breaker. A lot of people do better on the regular SAT and you haven’t taken that yet. You can also take them again.</p>

<p>Okay, Wellesley screwed around with their website, here’s the statistics.
[Wellesley</a> College - Admission & Financial Aid - Testing](<a href=“http://web.wellesley.edu/web/Admission/Apply/FAQ/testing.psml#cutoffs]Wellesley”>http://web.wellesley.edu/web/Admission/Apply/FAQ/testing.psml#cutoffs)</p>

<p>Well my break down is 590 critical reading, 710 math, 690 writing. Its the critical reading I’m worried about.</p>

<p>Have you tried the ACT? </p>

<p>I know many current students at Wellesley who have lopsided scores. I think Wellesley will look at your score in context (especially if you can get your guidance counselor to explain your situation to them). It will also really help if your AP/ SAT II scores are good. </p>

<p>If you don’t think that applying ED is right for you, definitely apply EE.</p>

<p>Your PSAT scores are not necessarily an accurate indicator of what your SAT score will be like! When I took it, I always recieved scores in the 1700s. But all of my real SAT scores were 2100+. Anyway, a 1950 is nothing to sneeze at. It’s quite good. Just spend the next couple of months taking practice tests and you should be in good shape.
In addition, colleges definitely take first-generation college status into account. Obviously they take a holisitic approach but think of it almost like URM status.</p>

<p>I was accepted this year, I applied Regular Decision, to Wellesley’s Class of 2015 and I received a 1790 on my SAT and on the SAT IIs I took, history & english, my scores ranged form 630-680 I dont exactly remeber what they were. My essay was amazing and my rec letter were amazing as well. The reason why I think I got in is because I have a lot of community sevice hours wiht the same orgainzations, I was really invilved in my school, and my love for wellesley, learning, and my ability to balance evrything I did was clearly shown. I am an african american female however I doubt that was a major deciding factor, they have penty black women that apply lol but i think if you just make sure, especially for your why wellesley supplemment essay that you show why should like wellesley and why you should be there they will accept you, good luck…feel free to contact me. Also why I do know people who attend Wellesley they are not in any way related to me, I do not have any connections that got me into Wellesley it was 100% me and those amazing rec letters (I sent in 4…1 from 11th grade ap english teacher, 1 from 10th grade history teacher who was also a sponser of a club i helped to start & my academic advisor, 1 from theather director, & one from close family friend & job supervisor)</p>

<p>my CR was 660, writing was 600, math was 530…and my act score was horrible i think it was a 23 or something I am not good at sat or act but i have gotten 5s and 4s on my ap exams lol trust me test scores arent everything.</p>

<p>also my gpa is a 3.56 so grades arent everything as well, call me 1 in a million if you want but i have talked to other girls who got into wellesley and they sis not have the highest sat/gpa either, however there are some girls who are valedictorian at their school with a near 2400 sat but there will always be those people, trust me when i say that us who do not have perfect grades and scores do just as well…</p>

<p>but i should mention that i self studied for ap euro & world as a sophomore with a 4 & 3, I took apush, us govt, & english in 11th with a 5, 4, 3…and now im taking ap psych, bio, stats, english, macro econ…and while the scores werent on my transcirpt the ap classes were and i think my 10th grade teacher wrote about how i self studied for those 2 ap exams</p>

<p>wellesley loves adveristy and diversity and havign a very different class when i visited for spring open campus they seemed to stress that we all deserved to be there and that we all had different stories and were there for a reason, every student has told me that wellesley really belives that each of their students are destined for greatness</p>