factors to look for in grad school?

What type of factors should I look for in a grad school? I’m starting to search up programs now…

I just glanced at some of your other posts. First you need to have a reason. In reading some of your posts it sounds a little like you want to continue school because that is all you know. We had a family friend that did that. Basically drifted through life and always thought that more education was the answer.

Specifically what grad program are you interested in pursuing?

health administration

From my experience the most important thing is to have a good reason to attend graduate school, know what it is that you want to study, know why you are going it, and have the money to be able to afford it.

The next most important thing is to pick a university that has a good program in your major, that you can get accepted to, and that you can afford.

At least in my experience “that you can get accepted to” can be a bit tough to predict. In my family so far we have lucked out, but it has been tough even after the fact to explain why each acceptance or rejection happened.