FAFSA and Confidentiality

<p>Has anyone else's Husband freaked when they saw this form? I guess he pictures it being posted on the Internet or leading to identity theft. As I understand it, my D can't even apply for merit aid at many schools if he just won't fill it out. Has this been an issue for anybody else?</p>

<p>Yes my mom did not want to apply when she saw the form. My sister was able to get merit scholarship at 2 of the schools she applied (USC was one of them).
I have the same question as you. Will I be able to get any merit aid at an IVY or at Stanford?</p>

<p>The FAFSA is pretty confidential...particularly if you do the information online. I haven't had any problems regarding my information and have never heard of any other student having problems that their information leaked out either.</p>


<p>Stanford, and this probably applies to the Ivies, does not give merit aid. Apart from a few special cases, like athletes, all aid is need-based.</p>

<p>It took me three months to convince hubbie to go forward with FAFSA and Profile because of concerns about identity theft. Good thing I started early....</p>

<p>H was not as concerned about potential identity theft through the FAFSA as we've been with our insurance company and their banking subsidiary that apparently released a list of all subscriber info to several new applicants for the health savings account. </p>

<p>They sent us a letter to assure us they'd taken all necessary steps to insure that the info was now safe, along with free 1-year subscription to an identity protection service and a $100 AMEX gift check. </p>

<p>Do you think that would make you feel as though there were nothing to worry about?</p>

<p>Nope, neither did we. ;-)</p>

<p>I wouldn't be too concerned about FAFSA and Profile confidentiality. You complete the forms on a secure browser, they are transmitted to us (the schools) via a secure channel, and we keep the information in our offices safe (at least we do at MIT, and so did the other colleges I work for). I would feel more confident completing my information online than sending it via the postal service, in fact. In my 15 plus years in the field, I have never heard of anyone whose identity was comprimised because they applied for aid.</p>