FAFSA and CSS Profile

What happens if I fill out just the FAFSA and not the CSS Profile, even if the school requires it. Will they just not give me financial aid?

@abelisathome it depends.

  1. You would still be eligible for federally funded aid. So you could still get the Pell Grant if eligible, and the Direct Loan.
  2. Colleges that require the Profile in addition to the FAFSA use the PROFILE information to determine your eligibility for institutional need based aid. So...if you don’t complete that form when required...your financial aid application will be incomplete. And you will NOT be considered for institutional need based aid...at all.

Why are you asking this question?

Thanks @thumper1! It’s cuz I was having technical difficulties with the CSS and missed the filing deadline for my school, It’s submitted now but I’m scared its too late.

That’s why I always advise students NOT to wait until the last week to submit any form. If you have technical difficulties…that could result in late submission.

These forms including the Profile…were available on October 1.LOTS of time to get them done without missing a deadline.