FAFSA correction made by school

My daughter received an email with the message below today. She has not yet committed to any of the 6 schools she applied to. I went on the FAFSA page and tried to figure out why a change was made (our EFC increased by $3,000) and which school made the change but was unsuccessful. Stranger still is she has a twin sister, and her EFC remains at the original number that was stated in October 2021. No updates or changes have been made for her twin. Any insight?

This FAFSA correction was made by the financial aid staff at your school. If you think you need to make additional corrections, contact your school’s financial aid office before doing so.

You can call the FAFSA helpline to ask which school made the change, then call the school’s financial aid office to ask what they changed & why.

Thank you so much for this information, your response is extremely helpful. Thank you!

I called the help line. They said they’re unable to see which school made the change. The only way to find out would be to call every school my daughter applied to.

Try calling again, but wait until late next week … maybe the transaction hasn’t completed processing yet. It will definitely be ready to view in a week. It’s also possible that the rep you talked with just wasn’t trained on how to view that information. Some reps are more helpful than others.

Thanks for your suggestion, I appreciate it.