FAFSA corrections and Cal Grant eligiblility

I submitted my FAFSA in early January using estimates just to get some numbers in and submit something. I corrected these numbers using our 2014 tax return about three days ago.

The original estimate of our income ended up being about $10k over what we actually earned.

The CalGrant website sent me an email saying I didn’t qualify for a Cal Grant A, but based on their ceilings I should with my new, lower income.

Will this fix itself with my submission of the corrected FAFSA, or do I need to take some additional steps?

Some applicants for Entitlement Cal Grant awards are found ineligible for a Cal Grant, or have their eligibility placed on hold due to incomplete or inaccurate information provided on the FAFSA or Cal Grant GPA Verification. To receive further consideration, these applicants may login to WebGrants for Students at www.webgrants4students.org and complete the “Submit Cal Grant Application Correction” screen on the CalGrant Main menu.

And here are the income and asset ceilings in case you nee to check eligibility

What is your new EFC? Cal Grant isn’t just about income…assets count, too.

My estimated income was ~$90k and the EFC for that income was ~$10k. I corrected the income to ~$78k and the EFC went down to ~$8k and I got ~$8k in Cal Grant (A). After I submitted the new FAFSA info, a new email came to tell me I’d received a Cal Grant without me having to fill out an entitlement form.

Thanks for the info.