FAFSA & CSS Financial Aid Deadline Question

<p>It says on the website that Feb 15 is the deadline for all prospective UD students and Apr. 15 for all enrolling UD students. I intend to apply for financial aid but do I really have to complete the CSS thing by tomorrow? I'm an international student and I'm not applying to any other schools that offer financial aid. I'll probably get rejected from MIT regardless, so do I still have to fill out the CSS profile? or should I wait till Apr. 15 to see if I get accepted</p>

<p>Nevermind, April 15th is for upperclassmen. Sorry guys</p>

<p>If you don't complete the aid application on time, the financial aid office can't guarantee that you'll get an aid package in time for the May 1 response-to-colleges deadline. You'd still have your application considered, and you'd still be awarded the full amount MIT determines is due to you, but you might not have that aid award in hand by the time you need to pick a college.</p>

<p>That is relieving to hear. I won't be able to complete my application on time due to not having all the required information at hand, and I was getting worried that this might adversely affect my financial aid. I guess I'm ok since I'm enrolling after taking a gap year and having to deal with college choices does not apply to me.</p>

I have a question though. I will of course try to complete my financial aid application as soon as possible, but if you had to put a deadline to the application, when would it be?</p>

<p>The deadline for submitting the CSS Profile was February 1st.
So you're kind of pushing it. I'd say do it as soon as you can!</p>

<p>^Once CSS receives your completed "Profile", you are emailed a couple pages of instructions to include how to download your barcoded IDOC over sheet. The cover sheet must accompany the financial documents that are requested by IDOC on behalf of the schools that use their service. There are specific instructions on how to present and include documents such as W-2, 1099s, certain federal tax forms, and of course a copy of the completed 2011 federal income tax forms for parent and student. Documents, to be mailed under this cover sheet to IDOC ARE DUE TODAY 2/15/2012. Get your cover page soon!

Earlier this year, someone from MIT SFS answered me that gap year students don't <em>have to</em> fill out this year's fin aid application, only the one for the year they're coming to MIT.
But, of course, this year's one would still be a useful estimate provided that nothing siginificant in your situation changes.
I don't know if you're interested, but if so, I would still strongly advise you not to rely on my word and to check that yourself. But that's what I've been told :) Hope that helps somewhat (or at least makes you less nervous).</p>

<p>@molliebatmit don't worry Mollie, picking a college will be easy if I, by Zeus's beard, get accepted into MIT.</p>

<p>^Easy for you, maybe, but your parents might like to know how much it's going to cost. :) </p>

<p>LastPrime, as far as I'm aware, there's no deadline after which you won't be awarded aid (except, perhaps, the start of the school year). My dad, who's an inveterate procrastinator, once turned in my renewal application for the following year in July. I would recommend getting your forms in before then, but turning them in a bit late won't be a problem.</p>