FAFSA for Fall 2011. URGENT suggestion needed.


<p>I am a graduate applicant for Fall 2011. I am going to submit my fafsa soon. I need some advice regarding the following matter.</p>

<p>I will submit my fafsa for 2011-2012. I am listing some schools where I will apply. My plan is to apply again for Spring 2012 if I don't get admission in FALL 2011. So, in this case what will happen ?
Do I need to submit another application for SPRING 2012 ?
Or the previously submitted fafsa will be okay and they will consider me for Spring 2012 session?
Another thing is, after submitting fafsa, is it possible to update the schools (school codes)? </p>


<p>If you apply to different schools for the spring you just add their codes to your existing 2011-2012 FAFSA.</p>

<p>That means after submitting fafsa finally for fall 2011, I can still edit it if I need … right ?</p>

<p>You can add schools all the way up to June 2012. You are not supposed to “edit” some other data such as assets, marital status etc.</p>

<p>Got it. Thanks. Can you give me another suggestion ? I am a new immigrant and I didn’t get my first paycheck yet. (I just get a tutoring job and I will receive my first check next week)</p>

<p>Should I put 00000 in the section concerning my financial matters ?</p>

<p>Did you have income in your home country? You put whatever your income was for 2010, wherever it was from.</p>

<p>You do realize that, as far as federal aid is concerned, Graduate students are only eligible for loans? No grant money.</p>

<p>Ya sure. I also know someone like me. He had put all ZEROS. He got the loan for this academic year. He is doing M.S. in IIT.</p>

<p>You should only put zeroes if you had no 2010 income and have no assets. This is a federal form and not being honest on it can cause you huge problems. When you sign the form you have to say you have read and understood the part about swearing the data you have supplied is accurate, and that you understand the penalties for lying on it include fines and imprisonment. Just enter your true income and any assets you have. You will still eligible for loans.</p>

<p>I am being honest. I came here just after completing my undergraduate study. While I was in my country, my parents took care of my expenses. So, I guess I have to put zero.</p>

<p>If your income was 0 then that is fine. Are you a green card holder?</p>

<p>Ya. I have green card.</p>

<p>As others stated above, you can submit your fafsa to your current desired school/ schools and add more schools later.
Here is a link, you should be able to contact fafsa.</p>

<p>[Student</a> Aid on the Web](<a href=“http://studentaid.ed.gov/PORTALSWebApp/students/english/contactus.jsp]Student”>http://studentaid.ed.gov/PORTALSWebApp/students/english/contactus.jsp)</p>