FAFSA Help...and some other questions

<p>So, I completed and submitted my FAFSA a long time ago, but a few days ago, I got a letter from A&M saying that my FAFSA was incomplete because I didn't sign-up for the Selective Service. However, I got a letter from the Selective Service saying that I have been registered and they even gave me a paper which serves as proof of my registration. So, what should I do? I was thinking about making a copy of my Selective Service registration and sending that in to them. Would that work? Thanks!</p>


<li><p>I'm currently set to major in Biology at the College of Sciences, but I'm considering changing it? What other majors can I change to? Is it possible for me to switch to Biomedical Engineering?</p></li>
<li><p>My NSC is June 29th-30th, but I know barely anything about what classes to sign up for? Can someone help me?</p></li>

<p>Once again, thanks guys!</p>

<p>You can change your major at NSC. You can change into anything open - with the exception of Architecture and Mays. If there is room in the college of Biomedical Engineering you can request a transfer.</p>

<p>A copy of your Selective Service registration should probably work. You will not get into BMEN (very popular major that is filled up way beforehand). I am/was a Biology major so I know what classes you will take. Though, A&M will give you a catalog that will outline the courses you will need to take over the course of four years. Usually you will take BIOL 111, CHEM 101 & 111, MATH 147 (Calc I), & ENGL 104. That's what I took my first semester.</p>

<p>Alright then, thanks guys.</p>