Fafsa help.

<p>I have no clue what I am doing, so earlier today my parents and I filled out the FAFSA App online. At the end of the application it asks you if you want to mail in the signature sheet or create a PIN. We chose to mail in the signature sheet, (we mailed it earlier today). After this we recieved an e-mail from FAFSA stating my EFC and my grant eligibility. </p>

<p>Then we looked up the priority dates for one of the colleges im applying to and we decided we dont have time to wait until the letter arrives, so we clicked on the PIN option and proceeded to do that. After I set my PIN I recieved an e-mail but this time my EFC was blank and my grant money was blank as well. </p>

<p>Did I create two different FAFSA's? How do I fix this? ehhhh. please help a first gen student out!</p>

<p>You can actually call the FAFSA office and ask them this. They do answer the phone, and they are very helpful.</p>

<p>That siad, you didn't create a "second" FAFSA. You have to specifically do that, from the very start. You may need to review your form, and make sure that everything was properly saved. You can edit and resubmit as much as needed.</p>