FAFSA Mistake!

<p>I got accepted to UCLA (yay), and I just checked the financial aid site and they said they never recieved my FAFSA. Well you'd think that I'd be bright since I got in :P, but I just checked my fafsa status and I sent the damn thing to Los Angeles STATE University!! Stupid, stupid, stupid -_-</p>

<p>I just sent in a correction to FAFSA, which says it'll take around 5 days to process, but do you think UCLA will even consider me for aid still since the deadline was March 2? Is ti too late and am I screwed? :( I can't believe I made such a stupid mistake, lol.</p>

<p>hahah i did the same thing for ucsd i sent it for usd but i called them and they said it was ook just send it and ask...where di you see your financial aid ish for ucla?</p>

<p>Haha thanks I feel better. it was so bittersweet, I was like HOORAY I got in but CRAP I have no aid.</p>

<p>Check here:
UCLA</a> Financial Aid Office - Office Information| Counselor Info
But first you have to make a login, there should be directions on how to do that on your acceptance page!</p>

<p>yeah no prob.
hwen you made your login did you check the new student thing? im so confused!</p>

<p>Yes, I checked new student :)</p>

<p>Two of my friends' statuses say they don't have their FAFSAs either, which is weird. Mine says it too but it also says that my package won't be up until I send a SIR.</p>

<p>yeah i don't have my fafsa in either but i printed out my confirmation and i have it in front of myface that i sent it to ucla and thta it was submitted...ill probaly just call tomorrow</p>

<p>I think UCLA will receive a LOT of calls tomorrow.</p>

<p>They dont have mine neither. Davis didnt have it either.

<p>Yeah, I realize now that they don't have anyones but I did also send it to state by accident. Good thing everyone's status says this or I may have never noticed :P</p>