FAFSA not showing on college portals

Please help! I submitted my fafsa October 26th and had to add some schools to it (edit my fafsa) on January 17th, but it hasn’t appeared on any of my college portals except one (which I applied to in November). I applied to the rest of my schools on January 1st. I’m not sure if this is just a time lag on the fafsa or if it was a mistake on my part. I think I’m going to call all the schools on Monday to ask what’s going on. Also, my CSS profile has only appeared on one school portal, and I sent that in on January 15th. Should I be worried because the FA deadlines are Feb1st - 15th?

Thanks XD

I have trouble with these things as well. Yes, call the schools. The CCS profile hasn’t appeared on any of my D’s portals but when I call the schools they have it. One school said that it is ne abuse it doesn’t appear on IDOC as the CCS is a different part of College Board than IDOC.

No, you should not be worried. The date that matters is the date that you hit the “Submit” button for your FAFSA. As long as you received the email saying that your FAFSA has been processed, and you sent it to all the right schools, you are good to go.

Thank you! I think I will call the schools tomorrow just to make sure because it’s been bothering me all weekend.

@alwayslate17 @BelknapPoint This happened to us as well. I called BC FA Office because it was reported that we hadn’t filed the FAFSA (which I had done in early Oct). We had removed BC in Dec (& a bunch of other schools) to add more schools on it. The guy at the BC FAO told me that they had not downloaded the FAFSAs of RD applicants until late December; by that time, we had removed BC & added more schools. So when BC downloaded them, it wasn’t there anymore… So, in a panic, I went back into FAFSA & added BC back on, along with the few other schools I had removed. I even called Villanova & USC to make sure the same thing hadn’t happened there (same situation, I had listed them in Oct but removed them in Dec) but those schools had downloaded our FAFSA info in the fall, well before my son had submitted his application.

So – be wary of removing schools from your FAFSA even if FAFSA reports it has “sent” it. Next time around (with my next kid) I will only remove schools where I have actual confirmation on the FA portal that they have the FAFSA in hand.

On a tangent – BC FA Office is seriously out of touch – they’re too cheap to use IDOC & want you to copy & mail (yes, US Mail!) your tax documents to them. And they smugly claim they’re “paperless” because they then scan your docs & shred the paper (things that make you go hmmmmmm). I wonder if they have heard of document upload? anyways…

@Steglitz90 Interesting what you said about BC. My experience with BC is similar although not identical. All FA applications and supporting documents for my son show on the FA portal as received EXCEPT the FAFSA, which we submitted in mid-October. Unlike you, however, we never added/dropped any recipients after that initial submission. Anyway, I finally called BC FAO yesterday, and after the lady asked me a few basic questions (e.g. You’re sure you specified BC and not BU or something else?), she said she would follow up with her FAFSA contact. I have to admit there are no warm fuzzies about a timely resolution, but we’ll see…