FAFSA question on Student's income

<p>If I made $2,500 in 2007, do i have to put that amount under Section 4 - Student Finances? I am NOT filing any return this year so I was told NOT to put zero for question 35 (adjusted gross income), question 38 (wages), and question 36 (taxes paid). Is that correct?</p>

<p>Yeah-- answer the questions correctly-- if you made $2500 gross from wages, put that down. Use your W-2 or paystubs to calculate your wages. Calculate your AGI using the tax form instructions, even if you're not required to file.</p>

<p>More instructions here:</p>

<p>Completing</a> the FAFSA 07-08/The Application Questions(32-47)</p>

<p>$2,500 in student income won't have any effect on your EFC or the amount of aid you receive.</p>

<p>If I am not filing a return, who don't i just put "zero" under my income?</p>

<p>Because that would be incorrect. Your income was $2500, according to your post.</p>

<p>Don't falsify the FAFSA.</p>

<p>I made $1500 from work-study this Fall semester. Do I need to file a return? Can I not do it? I don't really know what that means.</p>

<p>The IRS has guidelines regarding who must file. Generally, if you only made a small amount you don't have to file a return (but you might want to in order to get some of your withholding back. But there are other situations that might make you required to file. Go to the IRS website and follow the links to "who must file" or something similar.</p>

<p>The $1500 won't hurt your financial aid at all. Work study income doesn't count as income that can increase your EFC (actually, it gets added in, then you deduct it on a worksheet later). And that $1500 amount is well below the student income protection allowance.</p>