FAFSA Question Re: SSN

<p>I applied for a pin under MY SSN and birth date and am now wondering if it should have been using my daughter's SSN...does it matter as long as the form is filled out correctly?</p>

<p>It should be under your daughter's SSN, because it will be one # that links everything. However, you may be able to change it. You can always contact FAFSA who will tell you the best way to handle this</p>

<p>Thanks, Sybbie...I can tell this process has been going on for too long when I make mistakes like that!! I will call them tomorrow.</p>

<p>I believe you need a pin to sign the parents portion and you daughter should also request a pin to sign her part.</p>

<p>Yes, you need two pins, and don't lose either of them! If you are awarded any subsidized loans or work study you will need them, and you'll need them every year when you reapply. (Can you tell I spent 2 hours looking for mine?) Just give them a call tomorrow; I found them to be very helpful when we had a big mess with our computer while trying to send the information and they were very patient.</p>

<p>Anotherdad3 and Over30,</p>

<p>Thanks...good to know I didn't totally mess up! And thanks for the heads up, over30...I will guard that number with my life :)</p>