Fafsa thinks I'm illegal...?

<p>So I just received my processed SAR form. FAFSA thinks I'm illegal? So I went and double checked and my name is spelled differently on my SSNC. So I fixed that and resubmitted my FAFSA. It's still telling me that I'm illegal. How to fix this? I am definitely NOT! Should I just go to my SS Office or what?</p>

<p>call FAFSA</p>

<p>Did you get an EFC, or did your FAFSA reject? There is a difference.</p>

<p>If you got an EFC but your name did not match, you will need to both correct your name on the FAFSA and submit proof of your name to each school ... call each school to ask what they want (probably copy of SSN card and driver's license or passport). The schools will have to manually remove a flag that will hold up your aid, and they need the proof in order to remove the flag on their end.</p>

<p>If your FAFSA is rejected (no EFC), you can ask FAFSA ... or better yet, call each one of your schools to ask how they would suggest you fix it. I always preferred to do it myself after the student submitted proof. That way, I knew there would be no computer-match up issues.</p>

<p>And ... they don't think you are illegal. The name you gave did not match the name on your SSN when you filed the FAFSA. That's what you need to tell schools or FAFSA ... not that FAFSA thinks you are illegal! :)</p>

<p>It said," WHAT YOU MUST DO NOW (Use the checklist below to make sure that all of your issues are resolved.)
The Social Security Administration did not confirm that you are a U.S. citizen."
I did get an EFC # though, but my US passport is expired and I was waiting to get a new one because I'm changing my last name back to my original. And I did correct the name on the FAFSA and resubmitted it, it was processed, still told me I'm unconfirmed. I guess I'll just call FAFSA tomorrow... Thanks everyone! :)</p>

<p>Even an expired passport can be submitted as documentation, but the fact that you have recently changed your name makes it a bit more difficult to fix. </p>

<p>Your FAFSA is fine, and it has been processed. What you need to do now is contact each SCHOOL to tell them that you have a social security administration flag due to a recent name change. Explain everything that has happened, and ask them what to do next. You will need to do this for EACH school on your FAFSA.</p>