FAFSA using estimated info...

<p>I submitted the FAFSA and Profile using estimated info to meet college deadlines. Taxes are now done (estimate came in within $3K) and most of the colleges have a copy of the 2007 taxes. How do I update with FAFSA and Profile?</p>

<p>To update the FAFSA, you go to the FAFSA website and update from there. (it will be in the column on the right). You will need the kid's SS number, and PIN, and the parent PIN. Don't forget to change your filing status to "taxes completed". Make the changes that reflect the actual numbers on your 2007 tax return and submit.</p>

<p>For the Profile, call the schools. They will tell you their procedure. Usually you print out the profile and hand write the changes next to the correct questions. Then you mail it to the college. There is NO way to amend this one online. The school will tell you if this is their procedure, AND where you should mail the corrected copy.</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>