Fafsa verification help

<p>I filed my FAFSA on time but had to make some corrections. After I made the corrections I was verified and asked to submit copies of all of the Income tax returns plus w-2 forms. I was then asked to provide bank statements for my parents because what we had on my FAFSA and what came up on the Returns didn't match. I just found out that my parents didn't tell me that they have quite about $100,000 (my mom's Inheritance from her mom) in their bank account and they don't want to submit the bank statements because they are scared that we will get in trouble for not reporting it. My EFC is already at $20,000 and I have never been offered calgrants or any scholarships from the school. How much trouble can we get into with the government if my parents have never reported this money on my FAFSA ? I have never received grants just loans, will I have to pay all of my loans back? Should I not submit the paperwork and apply for private loans?</p>

<p>Was the inheritance a recent thing? If it wasn't in the bank when you filed FAFSA, there's no problem at all - submit the statement for the month that you filed. If it is not recent, submit it anyway and the FA office will update FAFSA to reflect the additional asset. I'm not an FAO but student loans are available to anyone who files FAFSA, unless it would exceed COA when combined with other aid. If you're not receiving other aid, you would still be offered Stafford loans though perhaps the subsidized portion (if any) would become unsub - I'll let someone else address that! Not sure what your parents were thinking - they signed the FAFSA statement that they were providing complete and correct info and now have put their child in an awkward position! Good luck clearing this up and let us know how it turns out!</p>