FAFSA - why did our EFC drop so much?

<p>Last year (daughter is going to be a college sophomore) the EFC was about 18k, and I think FAFSA did ask how much money I have in savings. This year FAFSA says "based on the information you provided, you can opt not to provide information about savings, checking account, etc. balances" and the EFC is about 3k. I made a little less money, but not by much. Is there a certain income amount where things change?</p>

<p>50,000 is the tipping point for agi</p>

<p>Under $50,000 and filing a 1040A or 1040ez makes you eligible for the simplified needs test where assets are not taken into account for the EFC.</p>

<p>Also it states that if you opt to skip that portion it might cost you non federal aid from the school.</p>