So I just lost my mother in November & I’m trying to get back in college for the spring. Will I be able to still get back in college? Or how do I go about filling out FAFSA without having a parent to put on there?

If you have a father, he is the parent you use now. If you have no parents, you are an independent student.

Im so sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved mother.

Do you have a father? If so, his info would be put. If you have had no contact with your father for many, many years, whereabouts unknown, then you’ll have to request independent status. Is that right @kelsmom what else would he need to do?

If your father is also deceased, you will be independent and fill it out that way.

Be prepared to show death certs for parents. If necessary order them now.

Thank you I will definitely give that a try.