Im currently in High school applying for financial aid for Fall 20-21 at USC. I’ve lived with my boyfriend for the past three years and we have a child together. I had a job and filed taxes 2018 but right now I have no job. My boyfriend works but he is undocumented and doesnt do taxes. My parents don’t have an income either, they live off their farm selling animals. So who do I put as the person who supports me and my child??

Unless YOU provide more than half your child’s support, you are considered dependent for financial aid & have to use your parents’ information (as well as your own). If they do not provide at least half the support for your child, the child will not be included in household size.

If you provide at least half your child’s support, you are independent for financial aid purposes. In that case, you will use only your own information, and your household size will be 2 (you and your child).

What is your situation?

Now? Isn’t it a little late to be applying now? Are you a transfer student?

Are you saying you committed to attend USC without a financial aid package?

Are you a CA resident?

I’ve been accepted and but I have to fill out the dependent other than spouse form to complete my FAFSA. And its asks for my income any social security benefits and proof I support my child.
I dont have an income while my boyfriend does right now.

@kelsmom has given you criteria as to how you file. However, you should call USC’s office of Financial Aid and explain your situation. There are a number of USCs; To which one have you been accepted? You are very late to be starting the financial aid process and you might ask if it’s far more beneficial for you to take a gap year and use the time to learn the financial aid process and be ready to get maximum consideration.

I am in the same situation but my parent does not live in the us and I am 26 years old. Does any of that matter? How do I file?

You are automatically independent due to your age. When you begin completing the FAFSA, one of the questions will be about your age. When you answer it, you will be allowed to complete the FAFSA with your information only. You may be asked if you choose to include information about your parents, but there is no need to include it. If you end up applying to one of the few schools that wants parent information from independent students, you can always go back & add it later for that school.

I got to the part where I am independent but what do I put down for filling status and income if I was claimed as a dependent by my boyfriend? I didn’t include my child as a dependent, but what do I put down for those questions? Thank you for answering me by the way! This is my first time trying to enroll and this really stumped me.

If you were not required to file taxes & did not file a return, you just say that you did not file. If you earned any money, you will enter that amount; if you didn’t earn money, enter 0. Your household size and number in college are both 1. You will likely be selected for verification due to your financial situation, but it’s not a big deal. If that happens, your school will ask you for information, which you will provide. You can ask me questions at any time - I am a retired financial aid director.