<p>I filled out my FAFSA last week. I live in South Carolina and there is something called the LIFE scholarship that gives students who meet certain criteria on their SAT and a certain ranking in their high school $5,000 a year. I am confused about how I claim this scholarship. I filled out my FAFSA and the univeristy that I have already been accepted into (Winthrop Univeristy) has given me a "Wingspan" account to help claim my awards. I know that my FAFSA has been processed, but I havent received any information about claiming my awards. Or would this "merit" scholarship even have anything to do with the FAFSA?? I'm confused!!!!!!!!!! I am homeschooled and I don't have guidance counselor to ask all of these questions, please help me you guys!!</p>

<p>Check you state's government website. See if they have something called "Educational Financing Authority" and call them. If not, call the South Caroling Department of Educaiton and ask about the LIFE scholarship. (And no, if it's state money, it has nothing to do with FAFSA. FAFSA is only Federal money.)</p>

<p>if you are home schooled, can you qualify is you must have a certain class ranking? This sounds like merit, which shouldn't have anything to do with FAFSA. Email Winthrope's financial aid office...they should be able to offer you the information needed.</p>

<p>Yes, I do qualify, I was already notified. I have to take placement tests every year to compare where I am with my public school peers. I always score within the top 5 percent. You only have to be within the top 30. Hmmm, I might just try and call them later on today. Thank you guys.</p>