Failed 2 cc courses while I was in the 10th grade

<p>So I am applying to multiple schools in the fall (universities in majority), and In 10th grade of my high school years, I took some college credit classes at my local universities. The thing is, I got 3 F's in the classes because of personal reasons. When I apply to universities, must I tell them about these 3 F's? Will they find out if I didn't? How would they know I took community college classes? Would they even suspect that I took community college credit classes if I didn't tell them? Please help. I do not want to get into any trouble or get rejected or expelled because of this</p>

<p>Was it a part of your high school transcripts?</p>

<p>You are required to send all college transcripts when you apply, schools use the National Student Clearinghouse to find past college attendance.</p>

<p>You can talk to your HS GC about addressing the personal issues and explaining about your grades. A better solution than constantly looking over your shoulder.</p>

<p>First of all, don’t worry you won’t get expelled, I am pretty sure. Some colleges are more understanding that others. If you are aiming for the Ivy Leagues and schools like Harvard and Stanford it might be an issue. Usually, colleges will let you explain about why you got the grades you did. Then, it is up to the colleges whether or not they want you at their school. </p>

<p>The important thing is to be honest. If you lie to them and try to hide your grades, that will become an issue later on, and I am sure you don’t want that to happen. Be honest, and tell the truth. If they ask why you failed, answer their question with complete honesty. They will respect you for that, and that might even get you in. Good luck and hope that helps!</p>