Failed Aid Appeals Send Students Home"

<p>Failed</a> aid appeals send students home - The Brown Daily Herald - Serving the community daily since 1891</p>

<p>This is very sad. As an alum who relied on financial aid (and I had to appeal my package one year, too), I am very disappointed in Brown for not supporting all students.</p>

<p>I know both of the students profiled in this article. It's really too bad - they're both great people and didn't deserve to have this happen. It goes to show how awful the financial aid system is, not just at Brown but around the country.</p>

<p>I find this very worrisome... As the parent of a freshman, we currently receive FA and are reapplying for FA for next year. My D loves Brown, but she was also accepted to 3 other Ivies, all with better FA offers than Brown. Brown matched the FA from the other Ivies, which we appreciated. Hopefully, we will not find out this was a bait and switch tactic. It really saddens me to even THINK this may be the case...</p>

<p>camathmom, I don't think this happens frequently. Of the two cases described in this story, in one the father had left out what appears to be a source of income, included it in the second year, and that caused a different financial aid package. I think that if your financial situation doesn't change much from one year to the next, you are pretty safe getting the same type of aid over four years. I honestly don't think Brown views financial aid as a chance to do a "bait and switch."</p>

<p>Whew . . . that's a relief! </p>

<p>Thanks for the details fireandrain.</p>

<p>This really worries me for next year. We had to appeal last year (which helped a bit), and I am pretty sure we will have to again this year. I had to get a major surgery last summer that caused a pretty large financial strain on my family. Do you think Brown will take this into account?</p>