Failed all classes 1st semester

<p>Due to depression and absolutely dreading this campus, I failed to go to any of my classes after the first couple weeks of school. Now I am failing everything. To be specific I actually have SF's in all of my classes, which is failure due to not attending class. I was under the impression that I would get put on academic probation for the spring semester which I was fine with because I do not plan on repeating this behavior. Now I am a bit concerned that I will be dismissed from the campus. How likely is this, being dismissed?</p>

<p>You should have withdrawn from the classes with a “W”. Since you hate the campus perhaps you should consider transferring to a college close to home and commute. Your grades would probably greatly improve.</p>

<p>What would be better about your campus in January, when you intend to start fresh and attend class regularly? Have you talked to an advisor about withdrawing for this semester? I wouldn’t let the grades go in as SF or F.</p>

<p>cheddarcheese is right. You are not talking about some trifling grade problem. If you’ve been disengaged from Kent for the past three months you have larger issues to deal with. First you need to meet with your advisor to determine exactly what your academic status is. Then you need to have a come to Jesus meeting with your parents over TG break to deal with the big question - is Kent where I should be? Have I tried to make this work? What is really going on?</p>