Failed class

How much will failing a class impact my admission chances of a school if I meet the admission requirements of the school. I failed the classes freshman and sophomore year. For example given the school Kean university my gpa is a 3.1 and there average is a 3. Will a failed class in frosh and sophomore years get me rejected in a situation like this.

The schools I’m looking touring are st Thomas aquinas. Kean university, Iona fdu Franklin pierce university Salem state and SUNY Plattsburgh. I have a 85 overall gpa. The class I failed I’m taking a higher level now and I have a 96 in it. Do I have decent shots at these schools I got 1200 on psat.

You should be fine at Plattsburgh. My D got in with a 2.8 and 1260 SAT. She was not at all interested in academics in HS and if she didn’t like a class, she deliberately did just enough to pass, but in college she woke up and graduated from Plattsburgh magna cum laude. My second son attended Plattsburgh because he came to love the school when visiting his sister. I can’t speak to any of the other schools on your list, but Plattsburgh is a really nice school.

How many classes did you fail? Did you fail the same class twice or are you talking about two separate classes?

Kean isn’t super selective, but for your own sake and as an indicator of future success in college, hopefully you have something redemptive on your transcript. Did you finally pass the class you failed? Did you have an upward trend in junior and senior year?

Not for admissions purposes, but ask yourself - so you don’t go into debt for college and then find you are unable to do well there - are you sure you are ready for college level classes? What makes you sure? A 3.1 is respectable, but the Fs raise red flags about your readiness. If not to the college than perhaps to those who are paying for you to attend.

Well I failed a class of algebra and geometry I’m in algebra 2 and have a 95 and I passed my second semester of geometry last year with a 81. I’m on a huge upward trend for example I had a 76 first semester of soph year the second semester I had a 91 first semester of junior year I’m on pace between a 90-95.

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So you only failed a semester, not the whole year, and you have an upward trend. That helps. Franklin Marshall might be a low reach, but of your list, you should probably have a couple good choices next spring. Good luck to you!