Failed Honors pre calc second semester

I am going to be a senior in high school next year and I failed Junior year’s second semester of Honors Pre calc. I am currently taking a makeup class of regular pre calc. I am finding he class very difficult and I am positive I am going to earn another D.
In this case, both grades will be calculated into my gpa since they are considered two different classes, which will actually lower my gpa since another D(makeup class grade) is added into the total.
In this case, is it better to have a higher gpa with a D in a honors class or is it better to have a lower gpa with a D in an honors class and also have another D in the makeup class. So…is it better to just drop my summer make up class? Do I still have a chance for UC Merced? Thank you!

You would need to calculate your UC GPA:
Having a D in a Honors class will not make a difference on the UC GPA calculator since you cannot get the extra honors points for the class unless the grade is a C or above. I would drop the summer class and retake the Honors Pre-Calc class Senior year. The UC’s including UCM are all very competitive. Having a D on your transcript will hurt your chances at UCM. If you can pull out a passing grade Senior year it will help to have the D replaced but unfortunately it will have no impact on your UC GPA.

I calculated my gpa and it seems I have to get an A in this make up class in order to raise my Gpa…So basically does that mean there is no point for me to take the make up class unless I get an A? thank you

It depends. Do you want to have 2 possible D’s on your transcript when you apply to the UC’s or do you want to have one D with the replacement class in progress Senior year on the application? Even if you can pull out a C for the summer class, it will not replace the D from the Honors class. Regardless of your decision, your GPA will suffer.

Thank you @gumbymom I understand the consequences, but in your opinion, what do you think I should do? I think I will get a D again in this make up class…so do you think I should jus drop it?

I would drop the summer class and retake the Honors Pre-calc Senior year. At least you only have 1 D on your transcript and you can put that the Honors Pre-calc class is in progress on your UC application.
I would also confer with your GC just to make sure it is OK to drop.

wait sorry if i forgot to mention, but I only failed second semester of Honors Pre calc, so I can still take the whole class in senior year?

I am not sure how your HS works, but for my son’s HS, if you receive a D 1st semester and a C 2nd semester, you pass the class. If it is the reverse, you do not pass the class and need to retake the whole year. Like I said, I would check with GC.

okay, thank you so much!! @Gumbymom

If your GPA can’t take another D, then drop the summer course.

if you aren’t doing well in the make-up class then drop it. in fact you should never stay in a class where you are getting lower than a c+. If your overall gpa is decent excluding the one pre calc class then don’t worry too much about the D. If you have a good math score on your SATs then its of even lesser importance. If you are 100% your grade isnt going to improve save your gpa and drop the class.

Is there basically no point in taking a make up class unless you get an A? I calculated my 10th and 11th Gpa and I realized only an A will boost my GPA.

Since the class you are taking is a lower level then yes you would need a A. If the class isnt going to improve your gpa then its pretty much useless.