Failed math 1--what to do?

<p>I feel like a complete idiot. Even though i took precalc in high school, i failed math 1 (how embarrassing) because I rushed through homework assignemts and forgot imprtant formulas on the test.. Not only will my parents kill me, this also ruins my schedule for winter quarter. The only math 1 lecture has no open spots in discussion section. I am a bio major and cannot take chem 14b until i take chem 3a.
My only options, it seems, are to beg my teacher to change my grade, or study for the placement exam, retake it, and hopefully place into math 3a. Then I can move forward with chem, and take math 1 in summer. Any advice?
Note: I did not take calculus in high school.</p>

<p>try to pass the placement test sounds good</p>

<p>Make the class up. that's what I had to do. Let me guess, you had professor greene? Tsk tsk tsk
Yea, just retake the class... if you haven't done so already</p>