Failed Math What do do next time round?

<p>My S failed the entry level MATH 107. (basically pre-calculus) The tests for this course are university written (not by the specific teacher. ) There was a midterm and a final exam and that was it. After the midterm which he failed he started going to tutoring twice a week but apparently it did not help. Don't know if it is true but supposedly 50 % of the students did not pass the final. </p>

<p>So he has to drop the calculus he was registered for the and take the same course again in the spring. Any suggestions other than private tutoring as to what he can do to have a better outcome next time round?</p>

<p>The "no calculator policy" of the school is really too rough I think.</p>

<p>Does the school offer a full year precalculus? I know Rutgers does because the one semester precalc has such a low passing rate.</p>