failed my first berkeley test

<p>wooo!!!!! physics 7a ftl</p>

<p>congratulations? haha. It happens. It's not really that big of a deal unless you make it one.</p>

<p>im over it now. for a while i wanted to punch all the eecs *****es in my class to give them brain damage, but that feeling has passed...</p>

<p>re-evaluate the amount of effort you're putting into studying and how you're studying</p>

<p>also, go to office hours regularly (but think about stuff at home first before you go, so you ask good questions)</p>

<p>derive the equations, really try to understand all the derivations your prof does in class</p>

<p>to anyone who has had boggs before - how does he generally cut off grades for A, B, C etc..?</p>

<p>Are you a freshman??? If not than consider yourself lucky in that it has taken this long....failing a test at berkeley will happen to everybody.</p>

<p>In the physics department they make it so that 65% get some form of A or B and 35% get a C+ or lower. The average GPA for Physics lower-div is ~2.8-3.0 ish, depending on your prof. Don't worry too much about failing your first midterm; it has happened to me before but everything turned out fine in the end. Just keep at it.</p>

<p>ya im a freshman</p>

<p>blackfire: yeah I read that but I'm still worried as hell. 60/100 fml</p>

<p>Ha, once I got a 27/100 on a 7A midterm. It was curved to a C+</p>

<p>it's okay. i don't think anything will trump my math score of like 8/50

<p>the average was 80 with a sd of 17 though :/</p>

<p>actually, meet your match batman. i once got a 6/50 on a math midterm, take THAT!</p>

<p>My friend's roommate got a 8/160 on Frechet's midterm, which totally beat my 49 hhahaha</p>

<p>Seriously what's up with the avg of 80 and std dev of 17? Did 16% of people seriously get over 97 points out of one hundred?</p>

<p>Oh dear. That was one crazy test. How the heck did they get such a high standard deviation...</p>

<p>i know, how the f did people score so high that was a crazy hard test</p>

<p>as they say, study high + taking the test high = scoring high !!! :D</p>

<p>In a large class, they should be willing to give quartiles vs just std dev. Std dev could mean many things. Based on the description so far, most likely a few people could really low scores (think 30-40), so teh std dev could look large based on a skew.</p>

<p>Raw numbers are not very useful, ask for the histogram. A standard deviation for a non-bell curve distribution doesn't tell you much in terms of where you stand in the class, especially if you're on the two ends.</p>

<p>my suitemate barely went to any boggs 7a lectures (said he felt no point in going if he wasn't gonna learn anything lol...) and got a 95 on his midterm. i wish i had powers like that.</p>