Failing a class but already accepeted to UC

So to make this as short as possible, basically im failing one of my pre-reqs for my political science major. I just got accepted into UCSB and still awaiting on all the other UCs. Theres no hw in the class and only one more test and a essay so it would be extremely hard to manage to get a C in it. At a different community college, i can take a late online spring class which is the exact same class and UC transferable. Is it possible for me to get a W in my poli sci class im taking now, but just re-take it online the same semester at a different college? It would still be finished by the end of the spring semester and would show i completed it by the time i send my transcripts, but it would also show i got a W for the same class in the same semester. Hopefully all this makes sense. I dont want to get rescind just for one class!

the people that can help you are not on this forum, they are in UCSB admissions. You need to call them and see if you can work it out. I’ve heard other people in the past say they can change the offer letter to have a class taken in the summer instead of by spring. Or, as you want to do, take it elsewhere this spring. You won’t know if this can happen for you until you talk to them.

Best of luck

I completely agree with @mikemac. No one on here will be able to help you, it’ll simply be speculation. Avoid speculation and called them directly. I recommend mentally preparing yourself for the worst though. Good luck, I hope you are able to work out a solution!

Re @nosleepteam I don’t think it’s speculation. OP’s failing a required course that needs to have at least a C and needs to be done by spring. The UCs don’t care about Ws. Drop the course while there’s still time, grab it at another CCC and complete it by spring. There’s no negative. All rules followed. Talking to admissions about failing and praying they’ll make an exception and let OP complete a req in summer is an outlier position that could lead to a rejection outright. But that’s just my humble opinion for right or wrong.

What I would do is send a message telling them the course is at a different CCC as OP had to drop the first because of a time conflict. I would not bring up failing a major pre-req.