failing a pass/no pass class

<p>I decided to take Spanish Literature 2A this quarter, having taken Spanish Linguistics 1D last quarter. I took Linguistics for a letter grade, and I got an A. I'm not the best at literature, so I decided to take Spanish Literature pass no pass. My TA isn't very good, and I haven't been focusing that much on this class because my other classes, which are for a letter grade, have been taking up alot of my time. Doc 2 anyone? I have no idea what my grade is, but I know I've gotten mostly B's on my essays and tests, and a B on the midterm. I forgot to turn in an essay, and my TA wouldn't let me go back and get it. I'm worried I might be failing the class. Is it the deathblow to have a fail on your transcript? I got in way over my head with this class, and I'm not taking Spanish Lit 2B next quarter. I think if I do well on the final I can score a pass, but in the event that I don't will it be hard for me to get into grad school with a no pass? I have a 3.8 gpa so far</p>

<p>Got a NP in LIGN7 (revelle GE requirement), 5 Cs in core science classes, 3.5 GPA, mediocre GRE scores (~80pct), and still made it to grad school somehow. </p>

<p>What are you worried about? :)</p>