Failing AP Calculus BC: Second semester of senior year... Please read

<p>Hi, I'm currently a senior, taking rigorous classes for my second semester (4 APs, 2 sports, and Students Run Los Angeles). During my first semester of senior year, my grades were as follows:</p>

<p>AP Physics B: A
AP Calculus BC: C
Peer College Counselor: A
AP English Literature: A
Leadership: A
AP Government: A
Journalism: A

<p>Calculus, or math in general is not just my thing... I don't understand how I'm doing so well in Physics, but not in Calculus.</p>

<p>This is were I need help. For my second semester, I received my 5 week grades (basically telling you where you stand at this point, up until the 20 week, which are the final grades).</p>

<p>As of right now, my second semester grades look like this</p>

<p>AP Physics C: A
AP Calculus BC: FAIL....
Peer College Counselor: A
AP Literature: A
Leadership: A
Honors Economics: A
Varsity Swimming: A
Varsity Volleyball: A</p>

<p>Can you guys please help me? Although its only the first 5 weeks, I am really scared of being revoked from the colleges of my choice. One factor leading to me failing my math class is that our school just established a block schedule, where we would meet with even and odd periods, alternatively, so that cuts our AP time by a lot. Another thing is that even if I try to study, I just can't grasp the concept. My parents do not understand, they just criticize me of how they're disappointed in me, while comparing me to my brother, who is in the Air Force Academy. This goes to my third possible reason why. I feel like they're being too overprotective. I understand how they feel. I too, would be concerned if my child was failing a class. What they don't understand is HOW they're trying to help me. Their actions to "punish" me is actually negatively affecting me, especially in school. When I try to tell them that, or even try to tell them anything at all, they're to stubborn to not even listen to me. :'( Even while typing this, they're still yelling at me...</p>

<p>Sorry, getting off topic... so would any of you guys please give me any suggestions on how I would endeavor to fix this problem so a) my parents won't think I'm a "mistake" and b) I won't get deferred or questioned by any colleges? Thanks a billion!</p>

<p>You need to talk to your teacher. Can you downgrade to an easier class?</p>

<p>There are a lot of forces at play here that will need to be addressed. I’ll address just a short piece of the puzzle. Here’s my advice to someone with a similar situation recently:


<p>@DrGoogle: If I do that, then my Fail would be brought with me. I think I should just drop it… I don’t know…</p>

<p>@born2dance94: My parents are tight on budget, so I don’t know if tutors are available. Also, since it is her last year teaching, she doesn’t really “want to” help after hours. And I’ve tried using those videos on YouTube. All that got me was a comment from my teacher telling me to do it her way… I am in a deep hole…</p>

<p>I have another question, what would college admissions think of my situation…? Would I get revoked? Me failing is not a cause of senioritis, which is shown with my other A’s.</p>

<p>It depends on the college as to whether getting a D or F in (or dropping) one class will cause admission to be rescinded.</p>

<p>@ucbalumnus: What about UC’s. Would they take into consideration that I was at least trying? This is not from slacking off (don’t colleges look at senior year to see if you’re not slacking off?) What if I got a note from my guidance counselor and sent it to the colleges I’m applying to if I do ever get a Fail in the class. Would that help my cause?</p>

<p>You have a time management problem. You are only taking four academic subjects, one of which is really a college prep course. (UC’s don’t recognize honors econ.) Many colleges prefer that you take five academics senior year. Since you are doing well in Physics, it is either a really easy teacher, or you get math. Thus, you just don’t have the time for Calc.</p>

<p>In my household, the non-academics would go first. I’d drop peer advising and leadership, and perhaps a sport.</p>

<p>As to the UCs: Cal and UCLA can and will rescind for any grade lower than a B. Other campuses just say that you need to maintain a B average. But they will definitely question an F. Moreover, if you drop Calc, you will then only have three academic courses – not a great way to demonstrate your readiness for college. Also, if you drop, you will need to notify colleges of the change in your senior schedule.</p>

<p>@bluebayou: Hmm… I have been spending more time with Physics (our teacher isn’t that easy). The thing with that is that to me, Physics is mainly visual, where Calculus is conceptual. I am a visual type of person. If I can’t visualize something (i.e. a problem) it becomes more difficult and I blank out. I guess I bit more than I can chew off… And on a side note, I was kinda looking for some hope in your message lol. The problem is that I don’t know if I’m able to recover from my grade.</p>

<p>Also, with your comment about the UC’s “As to the UCs: Cal and UCLA can and will rescind for any grade lower than a B. Other campuses just say that you need to maintain a B average”, is that my cumulative GPA for senior year or just specific classes? So what your saying is that if I get a C from any of my four years in high school, I will be rescinded from Cal-Tech and UCLA?</p>

<p>An offer of admission will come with conditions. Some (in previous years) have reported conditions like getting a 3.0 average in all courses listed for senior year, with no grade lower than a C, for example.</p>

<p>Cal and UCLA can and will rescind for any grade lower than a B during senior year. The other campuses expect a 3.0 average senior year. But obviously, no one likes Fails. The only possible saving feature that you have is that Calc is not a required course.</p>



<p>To recover a course grade, you need more time to spend on Calc. To obtain more time, you need to stop back from non-academic stuff.</p>


Incorrect. Here is the policy from the UCLA website


<p>thanks for the correction mike.</p>

<p>can you drop the class?</p>

<p>Drop the class and remove the stress.</p>

<p>Sometimes AP review books do a better job of explaining material. They’ll usually run you about 15-20 dollars and might be a good investment. I recommend Princeton Review. Also, I’ve heard good things about Khan Academy educational videos… I watched a few and they got the jist of the topics right :slight_smile: those are free and taught by this educator that uploads videos of math topics ranging from point slope form all the way to McLaurin series lol :slight_smile:
Anyways, these few options just might help you get back up to a C… GOOD LUCK! :D</p>

<p>So which college did you end up going to? I’m in the same situation, I have a 68 in AB Calc right now. I’ve applied to 5 UCs, and I don’t want to get rescinded.</p>

<p>Sayakajuvia, I have the same exact score in calculus AB and i just go accepted early action into WPI. My gpa was 3.2 roughly an i have 2 other AP classes. (Computer Science A,Physics 1)
The first semester ended today and i have a gpa of 2.7 this semester. My cumulative gpa doesnt change much but im scared that i might get rescinded. Im an international student and i think that the main reason i even got accepted was because of my high SAT 1 scores (790 math, 640 cr, 640 writing). What do i do? I need a 4 in this class.</p>


The original poster has not logged on in 2 years, so I doubt that you will get an answer. Closing thread.</p>