Failing apush should I even try taking ap test in may,basically wasting $

If I’m failing the course I might do just as bad on the test so should I even bother taking it? Its my 1st year taking ap</p>

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Yeah you should because at least you gave it a shot, and colleges will commend you for that.</p>

Why are you failing the course? Identify your weaknesses and work on fixing them. Secondly, yes, take the exam. Failing the class doesn’t mean you’re not learning the material. My own APUSH teacher says: “Discipline is a form of love.” A wise person learns from their mistakes. A fool ignores them.</p>

I agree with thesmiter, and you should ask your teachers what you can do differently, study methods, weaknesses, and all that. Don’t give up, I had a rough APUSH year, but that’s because I realized I can’t just coast through the class and had to put in effort. If all that fails and you tried other methods I haven’t listed, then at least take a practice test, see how you do, and then depending on the score, choose to take the test or not. Hope I helped!</p>

I know of people in my class that did great all year and end up with a 2 and people who struggled though the class that got a 4, so like everyone has said its worth a shot.</p>

Grades don’t mean a lot. I’ve got a D and I get 100% on almost every test, I just don’t do my homework. Also, I noticed that the AP exams ask easier questions than what my teacher does, more general trends and things like that than very specific information.</p>