Failing Courses

<p>Im in college of engineering and received a D in an upper division engineering course and a F in lower division engineering course.</p>

<p>Im a sophomore. stressed out :(
I'll repeat these courses but is the college going to dismiss me??</p>

<p>I'm in engineering, too (EE). The best thing to do is go talk to your major advisor right away. You only need to keep a 2.0 GPA to be kept in the department. Your cumulative GPA must not dip below 2.00 for two consecutive quarters or else you may get dismissed from the university. You have 16 units that you can retake and replace your previous grade. That means if you retake those courses and get As, your GPA will be recalculated based upon the new grades and the old grades ignored. Keep in mind, you can only do this for 16 units. Once you reached 16 units, both failing grade and the new grade will be accounted into your GPA. Good luck.</p>

<p>D at Davis? Wow, you fail!</p>

<p>you might be put in AP(sounds good cuz high school added good connotations to it but its not -- stands for academic probation) where u could jeopardize your admissions. however, i think davis needs all the students it can get so it wouldnt want to file u in such a standin, so ur definitely safe.</p>

<p>in other news, ppl only have to take 2 courses a quarter at davis? i didnt know it was that easy</p>

<p>** D at Davis? Wow, you fail! **</p>

<p>Don't be surprised. There are always professors out there who weed out the weaklings. When I took Electronics I (EEC 110A) about a third of the class received a F, close to a third received a D, and the rest were either Cs or low Bs. The professor purposely made the exam really tough with no cheat sheet and calculator allowed. </p>

<p>** however, i think davis needs all the students it can get so it wouldnt want to file u in such a standin, so ur definitely safe. **</p>

<p>Please do not give OP any false hopes. They know because everything is computerised nowadays, as in once the final grades are posted on SISWEB and is on the transcript the respective college will email the person warning them about their academic standings and the possibility of dismissal if the person do not meet with your major advisor right away. I have seen people being dismissed this quarter ("Subject to Academic Disqualification" and cannot maintain a cumulative of 2.00 GPA) and have to file for readmission for the subsequent quarter in order to get back in for fall under a performance contract.</p>

<p>*on other news, ppl only have to take 2 courses a quarter at davis? i didnt know it was that easy *</p>

<p>You can if and only if you filed for part-time status. What OP probably meant was he or she failed two out of the entire course load the OP was taking. The minimum amount of units to be considered full-time is 12 units. So OP could be taking three four units courses and did not make a passing grade for two of them, which resulted OP in such predicament. </p>

<p>Side note: There is a minimum progress requirement that every student must abide to. Every student must finish at least 39 units or more in one academic year (including summer sessions) or else they will face severe consequences.</p>

<p>DEFINITELY go to your advisor ASAP. They have the power to influence the deans decisions and possibly write you a contract to keep you in UCD under certain conditions. If you meet those conditions, the contract is usually only valid for a quarter (usually they ask you to pass all your classes with a B- or better), this will ensure you to be in good standing once again.</p>

<p>With regards to minimum progress, remember that Summer Session starts in the BEGINNING of the school year (prior to Fall quarter). So the summer session that starts tomorrow will be counted towards the 2010-2011 school year, and does not count for the previous year.</p>

<p>Mancini: I'm not quite sure what you're surprised about..? I'm just curious because that comment makes no sense.</p>

<p>Hi SmallPotato,</p>

<p>I am in a similar situation as andrew2011. Except i was on AP for two quarters. I know i am without a doubt on subject to dismissal right now however, my question is am i immediately going to be dismissed? My cumulative is still above 2.0. Will i be allowed a quarter back under STD? If not, how can i speak to my advisor about drawing up a performance contract to get my gpa back on track? What are the details regarding this performance contract. can you please let me know since you seem to know good information about this.

<p>Hi davis12</p>

<p>It really depends on your college's major advisor and the college's dean.
As mentioned by marzxbarz, you should contact your college's advisor ASAP without any hesitation. Let me know what college you are in and I can look-up their contact information for you, if needed. They are there to help you to stay on track. They can and have the full right to determine if they can put you on a contract OR dismiss you for a quarter or two to go to a community college to make up the deficiencies and apply for readmission later. Good luck and let me know if you have any more questions!</p>

<p>Some reading about probation and dismissal:
UC</a> Davis General Catalog | Probation and Dismissal</p>

<p>Hi smallpotato,</p>

<p>I am in the college of biological sciences. Can you please look up the information for contracts for my college. It would be a great help if you could. </p>


<p>Also, I really want to call the advisors office however, the college sent out an email telling us not to contact any advisors until the 28th. Im not sure if i should talk to them or not because i dont want to risk making my advisor mad by not following the clearly written directions they sent.... </p>


<p>Uhmm so i just checked sisweb and i retook the class i failed that originally put me on AP so my previous quarter just became "Good Standing" so now im on AP for this quarter only... Im not sure if this makes a difference but will i just be "AP" for the next quarter/good standing and not get kicked out? (Sorry to keep spamming you).</p>

<p>You have to be in two consecutive quarters of AP to be in the Subject to Academic Disqualification category. So from what I am understanding is that you have reverted your first AP'd quarter back to good standing, which puts you into one quarter of AP as of now. I suppose you are in a safer area than you initially in, but it is always best to contact your designated major advisor for the final answer.</p>

<p>If your college (assuming you are in biosci because biosci is always like that) said not to contact them before a certain date, just follow their direction because even if you call/email right now they will not make an appointment for you to meet with an advisor.</p>